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Proof of Existence (2023-2024) - 

The project's theme is to normalize the weirdness within us, celebrating our differences and showcasing that they exist in all of us; we're all strange characters who are a part of society

Proof of Existence

Us (2020-2023) -

An ongoing project documenting couples in their homes 

US by Rona Bar and Ofek Avshalom -27.jpg

Tell Me Where Your Freedom Lies (2022-2023) - 

This body of work walks through the doors of its protagonists’ homes to offer viewers an exclusive, candid glance at their journey through self-discovery.

Tell Me Where Your Freedom Lies by Rona Bar & Ofek Avshalom

Youth (2021)-

Series celebrating authentic self expression among adolescents  by showcasing a range of faces and in the process - personalities.

Youth by Rona Bar & Ofek Avshalom
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