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Rona Bar and Ofek Avshalom are a photography duo living and working in London, UK. Drawing on a storytelling-based approach to the photographic
medium, the two are continuously striving to engage viewers from all
backgrounds in a journey into their visual world. Suspended between fantasy
and reality, the factual and the bizarre, their universe immerses whoever comes
across it in a blend of surreal visions, daily experiences, and artistic references
which all contribute to making their signature style and aesthetic vocabulary so
naturally captivating.

With a preference for striking colour palettes and researched lighting techniques, Bar and Avshalom portray life around them through an honest, distinct, and all-encompassing gaze. Leveraging their knowledge of art history and combining it with their natural inclination toward all-around contemporary culture, they restitute a visual rendition of today’s society that is at once poignant and thought-provoking in its nature.

Also known as Fotómetro, the duo looks at their craft as a means of advocating
the urge for a more diverse and authentic global community; a mission that the
photographers pursue on a day-to-day basis by casting non-models for both
their personal (eg. Proof of Existence, 2023-ongoing; Us, 2020-2022; Tell Me Where Your Freedom Lies, 2022; Youth, 2021) and commercial work.
Turning the lens onto themes such as identity, individuality, and relationships,
their practice wants to be a mirror for the infinite facets of the human
experience, pushing the boundaries of gender, race, and sexuality among

Thanks to their bold and irreverent aesthetic, Bar and Avshalom have become
the go-to photographers of a number of talents, including musicians, painters,
designers, tattoo artists, and more. Often encapsulating several mediums in one
and thus moving beyond the limits of photography itself,
their conceptual shots are easily recognisable as is their childlike view of

what surrounds them; the key element that allows them to transport us into an
inspiring, dreamy world of their own.

About Us
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