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"Us" - Published by Snap Collective Publishing, 2022 (2nd Edition)

Book Us by Rona Bar & Ofek Avshalom

About the project

The project was Inspired by our personal relationship, which blossomed during the Covid-19 lockdown, but also out of a struggle with feeling stuck and uninspired with our personal work at the time.

For over two years we photographed couples in their homes, mostly around Israel but also in the UK and Europe.
Our aim is to represent couples that are often overlooked by mainstream media, by making the invisible - visible.

For us, the most special thing about this project is the experience of witnessing love, intimacy, and acceptance between the couples, which is beyond social norms, gender, body image, disabilities, age, culture, etc.

Each time we left a couples’ house after a shoot, we felt very lucky, inspired, and mostly thankful for the chance to witness and commemorate all of that through our photography.

You are invited to the lives and homes of 28 couples, depicting different settings and lifestyles.

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